Case Book of Sleep Medicine Third Edition (Print/Online)

Case Book of Sleep Medicine Third Edition (Print/Online)
Prep yourself for success now with the Case Book of Sleep Medicine - Third Edition! Explore 90 real-life adult and pediatric sleep cases that serve as a companion to the disorders outlined in the International Classification of Sleep Disorders - Third Edition. If you enjoy reviewing cases and learning from experiences, this book is the best resource to own,.

Each case provides a description of the history, physical examination, differential diagnosis, and test results. Cases conclude with the patient’s outcome (if available), and final teaching points. The third edition follows the same format as the Case Book of Sleep Medicine - Second Edition, but all the cases are brand new, with no repeats. Get your copy of this compelling and informative read today!

Published in 2019

This casebook is based on content in the ICSD-3. Please note that an update to ICSD-3 was published in 2023, as ICSD-3 Text Revision (ICSD-3-TR). Although most updates in the latest edition of the ICSD do not impact this casebook, please refer to ICSD-3-TR for the most up-to-date background, terminology, and diagnostic criteria.
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