Roadmap to Accreditation (Print/Digital)

Roadmap to Accreditation (Print/Digital)
Navigate the AASM accreditation process with the new Roadmap to Accreditation! This handy reference will educate and assist practices in establishing a sleep disorders program, guide and prepare users through the accreditation process, and retain pertinent accreditation resources — such as AASM Fact Sheets, AASM Clinical Guidelines and Best Practice Guidelines, AASM Practice Parameters and AASM Quality Measures.

  1. Understand how to establish and implement a sleep disorder program (sleep facility).
  2. Understand the AASM accreditation requirements/process and achieving accreditation for your sleep disorder program by the AASM.
  3. Use of the accreditation preparation tools will prepare the sleep disorder program for the entire accreditation process.

Both a print and an online copy are included.
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