Sleep Medicine Trends 2024 On-Demand

Sleep Medicine Trends 2024 On-Demand
Sleep Medicine Trends is the premier educational event for sleep medicine clinicians. This on-demand version of the 2024 annual course enables you to explore new strategies for patient care while learning about the emerging technologies and innovations that are making an impact on clinical sleep medicine.

Topics Include:
• HELP! Challenges as Sleep Medicine Meets the Future
• Brief Evidence-Based Interventions for Insomnia
• Year in Review: Top Sleep Articles of 2023
• Integrating Artificial Intelligence into Your Practice: To Use or Not to Use?
• Lions, Tigers, and Bears… Challenges in Sleep Medicine Practice
• Clinical Cases: Lurking Circadian Misalignment in our Sleep Patients
• Leadership Panel
• Update in Pediatric Sleep Medicine
• Central Sleep Apnea: Headline not a Footnote
• Coding and Compliance: Practical Tips and Updates
• Sleepiness, One More Layer
• Strategies for Weight Loss in Sleep Apnea Patients
• Unmasking Private Sleep Practice: Practical Tips and Viewpoints on Running a Successful Sleep Program
• When Dreams Leave the Night
• Patient Panel
• Tips and Tricks for Making Your HSAT Program Successful
• Enhancing the Patient Experience in the Sleep Lab
• BPAP and VAPS for the Sleep Provider – Update
• Anxious or Jittery with RLS Management? Rest Easy
• Value-Based Care in Sleep Medicine
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