Next Step A-STEP

Next Step A-STEP

Are you looking to take your sleep technology skills to the next level? This bundle of three modules developed especially for experienced sleep technologists will help you to gain further expertise.  Learn how to properly care for patients with special considerations, including patients with physical and psychological disabilities as well as patients who are pregnant, among others. Listen to an in-depth discussion of BPAP therapies, and learn about additional forms of treatment for those suffering with central sleep apnea.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this activity, participants should be able to:

  • Recognize characteristics of special needs patients and review approaches to providing quality care;
  • Discuss the parameters and functions of Bilevel modalities including when to implement for sleep disordered breathing and other clinical scenarios; and
  • Define the role of bilevel PAP therapies, including adaptive servo ventilation, and oxygen therapy in the treatment of CSA.

This bundle includes the following modules:
  • Patients with Special Considerations in the Sleep Center
  • Advanced Forms of PAP Therapy
  • Advanced Forms of PAP Therapy (CSA)

Estimated time to complete: 1.50 hrs.

Target audience: Sleep Medicine Professionals

Release date: 01/1/2018
Updated: 2022 Expiration date:11/23/2025
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