Sleep Medicine Trends 2023 On-Demand

Sleep Medicine Trends 2023 On-Demand

Sleep Medicine Trends is the premier educational event for sleep medicine clinicians. This annual course enables attendees to explore new strategies for patient care while learning about the emerging technologies and innovations that are making an impact on clinical sleep medicine.


Upon completion of this activity, participants should be able to:

  1. Apply new strategies for advancing sleep care and enhancing sleep health;
  2. Improve outcomes by providing evidence-based, patient-centered care for sleep disorders;
  3. Understand how new diagnostic tools, therapies, and practice standards can be used to improve quality of care in clinical sleep medicine; and
  4. Recognize the potential – and limitations – of emerging technologies and innovations in clinical sleep medicine.

Topics include: 

  • Cases in Advanced Non-Invasive PAP Therapy
  • Management of RBD Guideline Review
  • Strategies to Improve Care for Patients with Insomnia
  • Year in Review: Top Clinical Sleep Medicine Articles of 2022
  • Novel OSA Diagnostic and Screening Devices
  • The 2021 Hypersomnia Guidelines: A Practical Guide
  • The Economy of Sleep
  • Thriving Not Just Surviving in Sleep Practice
  • Updates in Dental Sleep Medicine: Pediatric Considerations
  • Management of Sleep Disorders in the Older Adult
  • Planning for Emergencies in the Sleep Lab
  • Sleep and Performance
  • Mild Sleep Apnea - Who to Treat, How to Treat?
  • Complex Presentations of OSA and Dental Sleep Medicine Management
  • Cardiology and Sleep
  • Leadership Panel: Challenges and Solutions in the Field of Sleep Medicine
  • Are Consumer Wearable Sleep Trackers Ready for Clinical Use?
  • What's New in Pediatric Sleep?
  • Hospital-Based Sleep Medicine - Consideration and Pitfalls
  • Practical Management of HGNS and Integrating into Therapy Options
  • Tell Me About Yourself: Making the Most of Questionnaires 
  • Adherence in Sleep Medicine
  • Complex Cases
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